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A humble and meek woman of God who desires to see lives changed and families restored, a woman who has a wealth of knowledge and biblical insight.

Lady Tiffany Michelle Kirkwood was born in Lincoln, Nebraska on December 8th, 1979 to Michael and Judy McNeil. Lady Tiff was educated in the Hickman Mills school district and received a High School Diploma from Hickman Mills High School. She later attended Missouri Western where she studied Elementary Education. Lady Tiff received her Bachelor's of Arts in Leadership in 2019 

Lady Tiffany is a powerful communicator who possess new age leadership skills. She is a mentor to women of all ages. In addition to her responsibilities alongside her husband as the Co-Senior Leader of Contagious Life Church, she is also the founder of Sister2Sister Empowerment Network.

Lady Tiff is a radical proactive reacher, she has committed herself to the development and training of others for the purpose of Kingdom building. Lady Tiff has over 15 years of marriage and ministry experience.

She’s most passionate about her 3 beautiful children Hezekiah, Josiah and Micah. Her desire is to raise children that are well rounded, successful, and respectful children that love Jesus with all their heart. Lady Tiff enjoys cooking for her family and watching sports.

Lady Tiff is thankful to God for everyone who has been a blessing in her life, but she is most grateful to God for placing her in a position to be a helpmeet to a wonderful man of God Pastor Marvin W. Kirkwood. Under his tutelage, she has learned so many life-changing lessons, but most importantly to walk in the will of God and accept the plans He has for her.

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